Aug 17, 2020
Smowkhaus is coming to Bedford Street Bar!

Smowkhaus is the latest independent food concept to hit the buzzing Leamington food scene.

A joint venture between Bedford Street Bar and Smowkhaus.

Rani, owner of Bedford Street Bar and Mitch, founder of Smowkhaus, both shares the ethos of a relaxed but professional service and a welcoming vive as well as their love for BBQ and southern style smoked meat, it really was a no-brainer to work together.

We have southern pride American wood smoker which was imported from the States using a mix of oak, cherry, apple and hickory wood.  All of our meat is locally sourced, free range and grass fed and butchered in Stratford upon Avon. We treat the meat just as well after its with us! Using our signature rubs and marinades we impart flavour and then smoke slowly at around 115 degrees for up to 14 hours to make our briskets and ribs mouth wateringly moist and tender.

Mitch, head chef has spent over 14 years perfecting the art of the perfect cook, the rubs, sauces, dustings and glazes come from years of practice and serious training, visiting Austin Texas to see the pros in action as well as working in Michelin star kitchens in London and the Lake district, we can be sure Smowkhaus certainly know what they are doing.

The ethos here is on a community spirit,  Smowkhaus @ Bedford Street is the place you come to celebrate those awesome A level results as a family, that spot you meet your friends for a big catch up and a good feed and drink and the place you can bring the latest clients to impress. A warm relaxed atmosphere with great service from friendly staff will await you at Bedford Street.

We are beginning to work with P3, a homeless charity that do work with the community in Leamington. We cook and donate food for the homeless and those in need in our local community as well as offering up to a dozen new jobs for the locals in the hospitality sector, currently being ravaged by Covid 19.

We are very much looking to the future and we hope that our decision to open up proudly in these uncertain times will pave the way for the industry to get back up from its knees and march on to prosperity and success.

To find out more, Follow Bedford Street on Facebook and Instagram!

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