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Save your favourite locations around town below in a handy list. Look out for the Love Leam heart Add to My Leam’ links around the website.

Clicking the heart turns it pink and adds that location to your ‘My Leam’ favourites list shown on this page.

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How ‘My Leam’ Works

The purpose of this page is so you can quickly save all your favourite Leamington business all in one handy list.

Look out for the Love Leam heart links around the website in the Shopping, Eat & Drink, Visit and Business sections.

Clicking them on the appropriate businesses, turns them pink and adds them to your ‘My Leam’ favourites list which appears on this page. Clicking them again on any page, including this one, removes them from your list.

This is an experimental website feature and for your convenience we do not require you to create an account to use it. The downside to this means our website will not remember your list across multiple devices.

For example, if you start a list on a mobile phone, it will not then remember your personal list of favourites if you visit us on a different device, such as your laptop or tablet.

Important - Data Storage

You do not need to create an account with our website to save your list, meaning none of your personal details are required, or stored, for it to work.

However, so your list appears for you when you come back to visit, the website stores a small text file in your web browser, called a Cookie. This is where your list of favourites is saved for when you return, meaning it is personal to your device. You can read our cookie policy here.

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