Meaningful Change

A range of local organisations and charities have spent many years working collaboratively in Leamington Spa to support people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Meaningful Change Homeless

Tackling Homelessness in Leamington

Supporting People

This means that in Leamington, we are fortunate to have a range of around-the-clock support services, so the focus is on raising awareness of this and directing resources to those partner organisations.

The ‘Meaningful Change Leamington’ website provides a central point for information about all our local charities, lists local support available including housing services, rehabilitation, food, emergency shelter, advice and training.

It also highlights ways for the public to help through volunteering or donating time, items or money.

Contactless giving points around the town provided by ‘Goodbox’ enable centralised fundraising in town centre locations and is supported by the Heart of England Community Foundation.

Please see the ‘Meaningful Change Leamington’ website for up to date details of the locations.

Meaningful Change Leamington
Fair Funding Distribution

Funding that is raised is to be distributed between local organisations, which have nominated specific areas where they wish to focus this financial support.

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