Oct 12, 2023
Aluminium wanted! for exciting sculpture event at the Pump Room Gardens

Local visual arts organisation Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre is turning aluminium into sculpture and needs your donations. They are reaching out to the community and asking you to separate out your recycled aluminium and donate it to their art project.

Please deliver to Leamington Town Centre between 13th and 26th October:
1) 35c Park Court, Park St., CV32 4QN (look out for wheelie bin in Park Court, opposite Pierre Bistro)
2) Foundry Wood, Princes Drive (donation bin next to the Railway Wagon at the entrance, 10 – 4 pm).

For larger donations please email [email protected] and they can collect.

Pangaea is looking to collect 75kg of aluminium in total. Please give it a clean and strip off any non-metal parts. Collect with your children – a great way to get them engaged with sustainability and recycling.

How can you tell what metal is aluminium?

Aluminium is generally dull in colour, matt and with a slight texture (as opposed to stainless steel, for example, which is relatively shiny). It is soft and so will scratch easily with a key. It is resistant to corrosion and rust and it is non-magnetic so the easiest way to test for aluminium at home is with a magnet. Examples of aluminium include drinks cans, food tins, some curtain rails, railings, lamp bases, ends of lighting tubes, metal edging strips on construction boards.

Join us to see your metal transformed into sculpture. Meltdown: From Trash to Treasure is a free, drop-in event taking place on 4 November, 1-5 pm at the Pump Room Gardens, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV32 5AA.

This event is produced by Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre and supported by Warwick District Council, BID Leamington and Foundry Wood.

Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre is a not-for-profit that promotes and enriches wider public engagement with sculpture through educational, critical and cultural programming. Pangaea believes in the transformative power of art. It is committed to broadening access and participation by taking sculpture out of the gallery and into public space, offering news ways for it to be experienced and enjoyed that better connect to people’s lives.

For further information please contact:Lucy TomlinsDirector, Pangaea Sculptors’ [email protected]+44 (0) 7814019384www.pangaeasculptorscente.com | @pangaeacentre

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