Apr 4, 2019
Hearing Revolution arrives in Leamington

Ellie and Catherine of Ash Hearing based on Regent Grove, recently attended the UK launch of the most exciting product to hit the audiology market in a decade – Livio AI.

Being described as a ‘hearing revolution’ the Livio AI™ is the world’s first Healthable™ device that tracks brain and body health. A merging of different technology means that the device offers far more than just better hearing, it also offers a more holistic view of health and cognitive fitness plus much more, making it the most desirable hearing product in the market at the moment.

Brain and body tracking – challenge yourself to move more and engage with others more

Fall detection – have an alert sent to a loved one

Language translation and voice to text transcription – 27 languages

Rechargeable – no fiddly batteries

Remote adjustments and self check for diagnosing faults – time saving

Ash Hearing is the only independent provider of hearing care in Leamington and is dedicated to helping you hear better. Senior Audiologist Ellie Cadman says “ This new development in hearing technology is really very exciting. After 15 years in the industry I have never seen a product that appeals on so many levels. We are proud to be able to supply our customers with such a wonderful, revolutionary device”.

For further information, call 01926 431973 or visit www.ashhearing.co.uk

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