Escape Leamington Spa

Escape Leamington Spa


Here are the four rooms you can experience:


1785, The Constable on Fleet Street has received 2 unusual complaints. Firstly an awful stench coming from the local bakehouse oven and the disappearance of local gentlemen. Mrs Lovett at the Bakehouse was unable to shed any light on your investigation but was very helpful in providing some delicious meat pies. You head across the street to the barber shop where you expect to find Mr Todd who Miss Lovett said would answer any question whilst providing Fleet Streets closest shave.


It’s time to saddle up and ride out! The Western Bank has long been a haven for those on the other side of the law. Buying up gold with their ill-gotten gains, you and your gang feel it is high time for a change.

Get your team of outlaws into the bank and defeat the challenges to escape with as much gold as possible in the time allowed. For added fun bring two teams and play against each other simultaneously in a group of up to ten.


Legend speaks of a treasure, Riches for all to admire,
A treasure that’s said to grant any wish they so desire…

“ARRRRR Me Hearties!”
You and your crew have been locked away in the brig. Do you have what it takes to escape your cell, break into the Captain’s chamber and steal the treasure all for yourself? Glory and riches await!


Enrolment is just 60 minutes away and some prankster has played a terrible trick on you and hidden your wand. Explore the depths of the castle and find your wand before the school bell rings.




Wingers gets your taste buds dancing as you get stuck into our fresh, scrumptious chicken wings and boneless tenders.

Made from top-notch cuts of chicken, we marinade them in rich buttermilk, coat them in hush hush spices before frying them to nothing short of perfection.
Dale’s Handmade Small Business Gift Hub

Dale’s Handmade Small Business Gift Hub

Dale’s Handmade Small Business Gift Hub is THE place to shop this winter season.  Based on the lower mall of the Royal Priors Shopping Centre in the centre of Royal Leamington Spa,  just inside the lower Parade entrance.  There is something for everyone here, from homemade cakes, brownies, and handmade Belgian chocolates to jewellery & greetings cards as well as neon signs, crafting kits & personalised gifts.

Dale Patrick-Evans, the owner behind Dale’s Handmade Ltd, set up this wonderful shop to help local small businesses showcase their products in front of customers just in time for the festive period. This new shop will give small businesses the opportunity to compete with high street retailers, which they wouldn’t normally be able to afford on their own, especially during the current economic situation.

Having set up his own business when he was just 17, Dale has always had a passion for supporting small businesses and has wanted to set up something like this for a few years now and has finally decided to bite the bullet and do it this year!

Dale’s Handmade Small Business Gift Hub is open 6 days a week from now until 31st December.

So why not pop in, shop small & see what gifts you can find for yourself or someone special.



Pavilion is a collaboration between Rickett Architects, a Chartered Architects studio with 50yrs trading experience, primarily in the high end residential & retail sectors and established art professionals.

Pavilion gallery will be shared with the architect’s studio in a unique and carefully crafted space which aims to improve the diversity of the high street retail environment.

Pavilion focuses on a range of UK and international artists, to curate an exciting collection of original and limited edition art.  Whether new to the art world or seasoned collector our experienced team are available to guide and advise.

The site has been selected for its abundant natural light, central location and potential to accommodate collaborative uses. We have taken great care to design a space that maximises the volume and area, providing the largest footprint for art display in Leamington Spa. The use of natural materials and neutral colour palette provides a perfect environment for even the largest pieces of work.

H & G Beauty Bar

H & G Beauty Bar

Welcome to H&G Beauty Bar in Leamington Spa, where the art of transformation and self-expression comes to life. Our salon is a haven for those seeking to enhance their natural beauty and indulge in pampering experiences.

Here at H&G Beauty Bar we offer a diverse range of beauty treatments including; waxing, gel extensions, manicures, pedicures, eyebrow services and many more.

At H&G Beauty Bar, our mission is to empower individuals to embrace their unique beauty through personalised and artistic beauty experiences.

Step into a world of beauty and creativity at H&G Beauty Bar, where every service is designed to bring out your inner radiance and shine.

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